The „Shining Mountains“ Project

The aim of the project is to stimulate the realization of the local potential of the mountainous areas for strengthening their economic environment and for popularizing a strategy for diverse development. More specifically, this project and the strategy for better representation of the participating regions focus on the health and wellness tourism sector.



The Project seeks to establish a model of stable cooperation between young people on both sides of the Bulgarian-Serbian border on a practical level.

The project „Youth health Promotion“

The aim of the project is to support the construction of a zone of good neighborly relations and regional prosperity through social cohesion of young people from the districts of Kyustendil and Yablanichka.

The project „Green ambassadors for climate change prevention“


The project aim to raise the awareness of young people on climate change issues and on responsible environmental and civic behavior through a cooperative practical approach promoting common problem solving for improving the quality of life in the border region.

The project „Digital culture for regional cohesion“

The aim of the project is to enhance the social cohesion and attractiveness of the cross-border region through cultural exchanges and digital promotion of its cultural assets.

The project „Digital Nature“

The overall aim of the project is to raise the attractiveness and visibility of the natural sites and assets in the Bulgaria – FYR Macedonia cross-border region, mainly in Internet, and thereby to help harness the untapped potential for nature tourism and boost the competitiveness of the region as a single tourist destination.

The project „Biodiversity and Waste to Art“

The aim is to raise the awareness of young people on regional biodiversity and resource efficiency through art and cultural exchange.

The project „Shift ->“


The primary focus of the project is on the border region of Macedonia and Bulgaria which is facing high unemployment and emigration problems that are especially pronounced among young people.

The project „Sense of Light“

The project aims to benefit from the worldwide passion for photography, to use this growing hobby as a tool and resource for creating opportunities for education, sensitising people on the negative social and environmental phenomena in society, but also to use the interest of people in photography so as to contribute to the development of creative economy, of important areas of tourism and culture, to the conservation and protection of the environment and to the promotion of rural development.

Carpathian Network of LIght (KANLI)

Reference No 2019-3-CZ01-KA205-076921, under the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2, “Strategic Partnerships for youth”

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SHARE BALKANI: experience Kyustendil and Leskovac in virtual reality

Project objective:

To boost the international visibility and attractiveness of the Kyustendil-Leskovac cross-border region by developing and piloting a demonstration platform for visual presentation and promotion of different categories of tourism sites by innovative online tools such as virtual reality, high quality ground and aerial photographs, including drone captured images, 360-degree panoramas, virtual tours, videos, digital narrative descriptions as well as illustrated printed materials.

After a survey of local tourism operators, 20 outstanding tourist sites in the cross-border region have been selected (10 on each side of the border) to be promoted on this platform through the above mentioned uniform marketing toolkit. You will find them here in the Assets section.

Project from The Groundup: Fostering Rural Youth Participation in The EU Agenda

The project goal is to actively engage and also to empower our local citizens from rural and peripheral areas in Europe, especially young people, in the EU-related and local democratic processes – i.e. GroundUp. We consider the upcoming European Elections 2024 as a momentum not only for European politics, but also as a process that will heavily impact life of citizens from rural and peripheral areas that we represent. Also new phenomena that are challenging the integrity of elections (hate speech, disinformation, fake news, misleading content, cybersecurity threats, conservative shifts, political resentments), are effecting the life quality of rural residents. Citizens from rural and peripheral areas are generally considered to be less informed and therefore underrepresented in the EU democratic processes. Via the CERV Programme we hope to develop and implement measures which will respond to the real needs faced in this regard by our small, peripheral and rural communities, and which will facilitate exchanges, peaceful relations and mutual understanding between European citizens.

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