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co-funded by the European Union, Joint Small Project Fund for Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro 2004, BG2004/016- 785. 04SER01/11/052




Initiative for the Future
Cross-border Youth Network for cultural and social initiatives


What is the title of the Network?


"Initiative for the Future".


What is the Network?


The Network is a liberal association of youths.


Who can be a member of the Network?


Youths aged between 15 and 30 in the Bulgarian-Serbian border region.


What are the principles on which the "Initiative for the Future" Network is based?

  • voluntary participation
  • equality
  • democracy
  • politics-free activities

What are the goals of the Network?

  • familiarization of the young people with the local and regional culture;
  • preservation and development of the cultural traditions of the Balkans;
  • promotion of youth volunteer activities;
  • engaging the young people in socially significant issues;
  • support for the processes of regional and European integration in the areas of culture, arts, education and sports.

How will we achieve the goals?

  • by establishing volunteer sections at schools, at other educational establishments and on a geographical basis;
  • by creating partnerships;
  • by organizing festivals, round tables, seminars, exhibitions, theatrical performances, public campaigns, etc.

Who are our partners?

  • local and central authorities;
  • institutions and associations in the area of culture and arts;
  • local entrepreneurs;
  • non-governmental organizations;
  • Balkan and European youth structures with similar goals.

What are the governing bodies of the Network?

  • Regional Youth Council - the supreme governing body of the Network; it is elected by the General Meeting of the delegates of sections in the Bulgarian and Serbian border region.
  • Two Regional Coordination Bodies - in the Republic of Bulgaria and in the Republic of Serbia respectively; they are made up of the local coordinators elected by the sections in the respective country and coordinate local activities.

Which are the signs and symbols of the Network?

  • The Logo:

  • The Membership Cards of the participants.

How can you join the Network?


For details, please write to us at the following e-mail address: nofrontiers21@abv.bg , or call us at the following phone numbers: 0898 450 463 and 0887 892 194 - for Bulgaria.


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