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This project is

co-funded by the European Union, Joint Small Project Fund for Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro 2004, BG2004/016- 785. 04SER01/11/052




No frontiers 21 century

Association "No frontiers 21 century" is a non-for-profit organization.

The major goals ot the Association are:

  • Create contacts and lasting relations between Bulgarian and foreign local governments, associations, companies, cultural institutions, educational establishments, etc.
  • Promote and support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Bulgaria and their partnership with similar organizations in other countries.
  • Render assistance for furthering the professional development and upgrading the managing skills of local and regional organisations and institutions.
  • Free exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills for the comprehensive development of the Balkan Region.
  • Support research and promote knowledge on Bulgarian and other nations history, ethnic culture, folklore, literature, arts, traditions, customs, crafts and other values.
  • Enhance cross-border cooperation between local and regional organisations and institutions for the purpose of promoting sustainable local economic development and tourism, increasing employment, assessing, protecting and improving the environment, building their organizational and institutional capacity.
  • Provide care and services to disadvantaged people (individuals with disabilities, orphans, senior citizens, etc.) and aid their overall integration in society.




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